Kervanci İnsaat developed and completed many residence and office projects in Istanbul between 1990 and 2000. It has operated in Corlu since 2000. It keeps the feature of being a company which is improving and expanding day by day in the sector with customer satisfaction and trust by completing Residence, Shop and Building complex projects around Corlu.


  • To be a leading company in terms of service quality,
  • To improve oneself continuously and go better,
  • We strictly follow the laws and legal regulations by making no oncessions to them.
  • We believe in active team work and open communication at any level,
  • We believe anyone who works in our company is the leader in their fields,
  • We believe company would make a contribution to economy with its aims,
  • We closely keep up with new technologies and apply it in our field of operation.


Our mission is to accomplish huge urban transformation projects in different concepts and serve broad customer groups from different socio-economic segments, with projects appealing to different income groups.


Our vision is to provide customer satisfaction and make it a real friendship, offering sincere, trustworthy and professional service in the process until after the marketing, sales, manufacture and delivery.